Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Solar Studies-- Revit Architecture 2014

Revit Architecture Solar Studies

Revit Architecture’s solar study helps you visualize and analyze the position of Sun and solar effects on buildings and sites in the real world at a specified time, date, duration, and location. You can analyze the effect of the Sun on the same building at different locations, such as Boston or Melbourne, by changing the location of the building from Boston to Melbourne. The Solar Study tools in Revit Architecture provide you with a wide range of locations to view the Sun and shadow effects on the same building or site but at different locations by generating the solar studies. Revit Architecture allows you to generate a still solar study in a single frame depicting the shadows at a specified date and time. It can also generate an animated 3 dimensional solar study consisting of multiple frames depicting the shadow movements for a specified duration of time.

These solar studies help you analyze the amount and impact of the natural sunlight and shadows on the building and the site at a particular time in a day and at a particular location. It also helps you study the amount of lighting inside the building during different times of a day and year, at a particular location.

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