Friday, September 27, 2013

Stair Component into Custom Sketch form

Revit Architecture 2014 affords you with one of the exciting tool, i.e. convert Stair Component to Sketch. This feature aids you to convert the stair component to sketch and to design the stair component of your own style.

Figure 1: Creating a Stair Component
Let us know how we can create a stair component and then to convert it into the sketched form to edit and create your own stair. Here are the following steps to be followed to draw a stair component and then to convert them into sketch form.

1.       Open Revit Architecture 2014 session. The user interface screen will display.
2.       Now, invoke the Stair by Component tool from the Build panel of the Architecture tab, as shown in Figure 1; the Modify | Create Stair tab will be displayed.
3.       In the Modify|Create Stair tab, choose the Run tool and draw stair in the drawing area, as how in Figure 2.
4.       Now, create another run running parallel to it, Revit will automatically generate landing between the two runs, as shown in Figure 3.
5.       After creating complete stair, choose the Finish Edit Mode button from the Mode panel of the Modify|Create Stair tab.

6.       Now, choose the Default 3D view tool from the Quick Access Toolbar the 3D view of a stair will be displayed, as shown in Figure 4.
Figure 2: Converting Component into Sketch
1.       To convert a stair component to sketch, enter into the floor plan of your project.
2.       Select the stair component; the Modify | Stairs tab is displayed.
3.       Choose the Edit Stairs tool from the Edit panel of this tab, you will enter into the sketch form.
4.       Now, select the run which is to be modified and select the Convert tool, as shown in Figure 5. On doing so, the Stair- Convert to Custom window is displayed.

5.       Choose the Close button. Now, you are in custom sketch form.
6.       Choose the Edit Sketch tool from the Tools panel; the Modify|Create Stair > Sketch Run contextual tab is displayed.
7.       Now, from here you can modify the run by using the tools from the Draw panel of this tab.

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