Saturday, February 15, 2014

New Feature: Autodesk 360 Structural Analysis

New Feature in Autodesk 360: Structural Analysis

here is a new  feature  available for users of Structural Analysis 360, the cloud based analysis service for Autodesk Revit Structure.  

Users of the service are now able to view and investigate the analytical model used by the analysis service directly from within their WebGL enabled web browser.

Once a model has been pushed to the cloud for analysis, users will be able to access a convenient 3D model viewer at anytime to view the analytical model that has been submitted to the cloud. The model will show nodes, bars, panels, meshes, supports, and loads that have been previously defined. The viewer also contains tool to allow you to inspect warnings and errors in the analytical model, allowing you to edit the source design to address issues that may have been created during the design process. Users can access this feature from within the online results report, or the projects dashboard.
Try Structural Analysis 360 today, and let us know your experiences with the convenient feedback tool available directly from the service dashboard.

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