Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Advance Use of Autodesk 360

Autodesk® 360 is all about liberating the design process. You’re probably already using Autodesk 360 for storage, but what’s coming is about much more than storage. The next generation of Autodesk 360 acts as a project hub that puts all your contacts, data, and design activities in one place. You control who accesses your data, where it lives (in the cloud or on your servers), and how people can retrieve it. Invite whoever you want to share project activities with, and use intuitive search tools to find exactly what you—and any not-so-organized teammates—need, even on huge projects. Integrated social tools make it easy to brainstorm ideas as they arise. And mobile compatibility keeps your whole team connected to your projects wherever they are.

Maybe the most liberating aspect: Autodesk 360 puts projects at the center of your workflow, helping break down the wall between people with design and engineering tools and those without. Your whole team can use it to view design files, stay on top of project activities, and connect design processes to related tasks and communications. So you spend more time on the work you love, with fewer constraints.
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