Saturday, February 6, 2010

Basic Concepts of BIM


Autodesk Revit Architecture enables you to envisage and develop a building model with actual
3D parametric building elements. It provides a new approach to the architectural thought and
the implementation process. In a way, it replicates the way architects conceive a building. For
example, 2D CAD platforms mostly use lines to represent all elements.

However, in Autodesk Revit Architecture, you can create a building model using 3D elements  such as walls, fl oors, doors, and windows. Using these 3D elements, you can visualize the architectural or interior project with respect to its scale, volume, and proportions. This enables you to study design alternatives and develop superior quality design solutions. Autodesk Revit Architecture automates routine drafting and coordination tasks and assists in reducing errors in documentation. This, in turn, saves time, improves the speed of documentation, and lowers the cost for users.

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