Thursday, January 31, 2013

Enhancements in Revit Structure 2013

What’s new? Revit Structure 2013 Platform

 Improves placement of analytical nodes when in 3D views.  
 Improves stability when enabling “Show Analytical Model Categories in this View” when the 
Warning dialog is open. 
 Improves creation consistency with Physical Wall when coping an Analytical Model Wall.
 Improves stability when editing an Opening within an object which spans to the boundary of an 
Analytical Surface. 
 Corrects the reporting of the “Structural Parameter” on slabs. 
 Improves masking of linked files by Mask and Filled regions in Structural Views. 
 Improves stability when placing Rebar. 
 Improves stability when copying Area or Path reinforcement between projects which have 
differing value for the Reinforcement Project Setting: “Host structural rebar”.  
 Improves visibility of round rebar when displayed in fine detail level

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