Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Enhancements in Revit Architecture 2014

We are working on Revit Architecture 2014 and have found the following enhancements:
·         Stair by Component
·         Segmented Elevation View
·         New Sample Model
Stair by Component:
o    Additional Location Line options for stair run creation: Two new run location line options, Exterior Support: Left and Exterior Support: Right, allow you to align to the exterior of either side support when creating a run.
o    Modify actual run width before or after stair creation: Modify the new Actual Run Width option on the Options Bar when creating a run to change the run width value. To modify the actual run width after the run is created, in stair assembly edit mode, you can now select the temporary dimension for the run width and change the value.
o    Modify the landing shape: New controls are available on the automatic landing to modify the landing leg length (where the landing connects to the runs)
o    Automatic landing reshape behavior: Unless you drag the control on the outer edge of an automatic landing, the position of this edge remains fixed when you modify the runs or use the other landing controls to change the landing shape.
o    Automatic landing creation: When creating a U-shaped stair with runs of varying widths, the automatic landing is created with a depth matching the width of the narrowest run. The landing depth can be changed after creation using the direct manipulation control or the temporary dimension.
o    Accurate modification support: Temporary dimensions can now be used to modify the run width, the landing depth on U-shaped stairs, the radius of a spiral run, and the distance between stair components. Listening dimensions display for the straight run length and the arc run radius and angle.
o    Snapping reference improvement: You will notice more snapping capabilities when creating and modifying stair components. For example, run to run vertical, horizontal, parallel, and perpendicular snapping is available when you drag the stair path end control.
·         Segmented elevation view: You can now split elevations into segments that are orthogonal to the view direction just as you can for sections.
·         New sample model: A new sample architectural model,rac_basic_sample_project.rvt, shows an example of how you can use Revit tools to build a model and document the design. Learning Links connect you to help topics that describe how to use features or add elements.
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