Thursday, October 10, 2013


Pretty Interesting new set of feature in Revit Architecture is, Point Cloud. Point Cloud is basically a collection of data in X,Y, and Z ordinates. You can collect this data by 3D scanners and then these 3D scanned point clouds will help you to create 3D models.

Point cloud files are .rcp and .rcs type format files. If the file is in raw format such as .pcg or .las format, then you will be prompted to index the data. The indexed point cloud file will then be converted into .rcp and .rcs format files which is further inserted in a Revit project. After inserting the point cloud file, you will use that file in the project. This file helps the user to provide a higher level of visual appearance of existing condition of a building. To view the existing building, capture it using laser scanners. Laser Scanners are used to sample point from the surface of the existing building and saves that data as point cloud. The data collected by the laser scanner is huge. Thus, Revit links a point cloud as a reference rather than embedding the complete file. Now, the existing building will be loaded in a project in the form of 3D scanned point cloud. Therefore, you can modify the existing building condition easily and the work performance will also be improved due to better visibility.
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