Friday, December 20, 2013

Project Location- Vasari

When you create a project it is possible to specify the geographic location using the street address or the latitude and longitude. This is useful for generating location-specific shadows for views that use them, such as solar studies and walkthroughs. The location provides a basis for weather information, which is used during conceptual energy analysis.

To specify the project location, Analyze tab  > Project Location panel > Location. When your computer is connected to the Internet, and you have signed in to Autodesk online services, this dialog displays an interactive map through the Google Maps mapping service. To sign in see Autodesk Account.

Until you specify a different project location, the location is set to the longitude and latitude of the major city specified by Vasari for your locale.

For the Project Address, enter the street address, city and country. For Example-  Enter: Fulton Street & Pearl Street, Woodbridge Township, NJ 07095, USA

Click Import Site Image to import the Google map image of your location into your project file.

You can also access this dialog from the Sun Settings dialog, the Energy Settings dialog or in the drawing area, underneath the ViewCube, click the current location > Set Location.

Use the following tools to adjust the map as needed:
§  Pan. When you place the cursor over the map, the cursor changes to a hand, and you can drag the map to pan the view. For Zoom, Click + (Zoom in) or - (Zoom out), or drag the zoom slider to adjust the zoom level.
§  Map. Shows street map.
§  Satellite. Shows satellite imagery.
§  Terrain. Default view. Shows street map superimposed on topographical map.
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