Friday, January 31, 2014


Schedule is a format for providing project information. Schedule primarily provide information in a tabulated form. Schedules are created by extracting information from a building model. In Autodesk Revit Architecture, all elements are parametric. This means that they have several properties associated with them. When you use these elements, the associated information is automatically added to the building model. This information can be then extracted for the creation of schedules.

Schedule is basically a view. So, you can find this tool from the Create panel of the View tab; the New Schedule dialog box is displayed.

From this Category area, you can select any category to create schedule. Select the Wall from category and create Wall Schedule. Choose OK; the Schedule Properties dialog box is displayed. In this dialog box, select the Area, Count, Family, and Type and add them to the Schedule fields area using the Add button. You can add other fields also using the Add button. To arrange their order, you can use the Move Up and Move Down button.

You can use other tabs to set various settings or directly, choose OK to close the dialog box. After choosing the OK button.

You will see your schedule like this-

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