Saturday, February 15, 2014

Autodesk Flow Design

Project Falcon will be moving forward into the world as Autodesk Flow Design. The product itself is an updated version of Falcon with an improved user interface for the stand-alone version (PC and Mac) and some upgrades inside Inventor and Revit. The AutoCAD plug-in may come back later. A lot of the work that went into it was motivated by feedback from the Autodesk Labs users. The team has tried to make it easy to access Flow Design as well. It is sold on e-store on a monthly and annual basis for a relatively low price. It will also be on the Education Community site for students and faculty free of charge.
Here are the features honed by the Autodesk Labs community:
  • 64-bit solver process with greater access to memory
  • Expanded graphics card and driver support
  • Voxel size and overall tunnel size information
  • Solution status indicator
  • Ability to key-in specific values for velocity, resolution, orientation, etc.
  • Expanded CAD imports (ipt, iam, sldprt, prt, x_t, STEP, etc.)
  • Ribbon-style controls, standard menus, and model navigation cube
  • Color banding and contour display options
  • Revised tunnel and flow line seed box size controls
  • Improved video recording controls and feedback
  • Simplified iso-surface controls
  • Saved run configurations for fast recall of past runs
  • Multi-axis wind tunnel orientation control inside Inventor
  • Pressure shading on building surfaces inside Revit
  • Wind velocity profile option inside Revit.

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