Saturday, February 15, 2014

Creating Building Pads in Revit

The terrain is called a “Toposurface” in Revit, and an Autodesk Revit “Building Pad” will automatically cut through a toposurface.  Usually this cutting boundary follows an outline of your building’s basement walls or follows along a retaining wall.

The building pad is a toposurface hosted element and can be added only to an existing topographical surface. This Building Pad tool will be activated in the Model Site panel only if there is an existing toposurface in the drawing.

                                                                        Building Pad

While creating a building pad, sometimes it is necessary to provide a slope for drainage facilities. Revit allows you to add slopes using the Slope Arrow tool to the building pads.

Sloped Arrow for sloping Building Pad

Sloped Building Pad
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