Wednesday, December 24, 2014

New courses on Autodesk Simulation for AEC Applications

These courses can help you confidently get started with Simulation CFD today. After learning the fundamentals, dive into common AEC applications like datacenters and HVAC design. This new series of online courses is based on this new publication: Intro to Simulation CFD for AEC Applications, which is freely available without logging in.
The series of online courses includes quizzes to tests and track your knowledge, and requires registration. The 6 new courses, available now, are:
  1. Simulation CFD Fundamentals 1: Simulation Process, Geometry, and Materials
  2. Simulation CFD Fundamentals 2: Boundary Conditions and Meshing
  3. Simulation CFD Fundamentals 3: Solving and Results Interpretation
  4. Simulation CFD Applied: Characterizing AEC Components
  5. Simulation CFD Applied: Datacenters
  6. Simulation CFD Applied: HVAC Layout
To learn more about each of the courses, click here, and scroll down the page a bit to find all Sim CFD courses.
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